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The UGG Story: A Warm Embrace

Posted By: Melis . In: Sneaker On: 0 Comment 160 Hit
On a cold winter day, as the city quietly woke up, the streets were blanketed with white snow. People were looking for ways to keep their feet warm in the cold, and UGG boots emerged as a noticeable option. These boots were not only keeping feet warm but...

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Sneakers Everyone Needs

Posted By: Melis . In: Sneaker On: 7 Comment 429 Hit
Whether for evening walks, daily workout routines, day-long shopping trips or gatherings with friends, sneakers are always the perfect combination of comfort and style. 

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How Should School Shoes Be?

Posted By: Melis . In: Sneaker On: 13 Comment 730 Hit
Children's easy adaptation to education life, success and most importantly, their love for school life is directly related to the comfort they feel there. Of course, school shoes, clothes and accessories are among the most important companions that...

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Washing Shoes in the Washing Machine

Posted By: Melis . In: Sneaker On: 13 Comment 738 Hit
Shoes, one of the accessories we use most in daily life, get dirty over time due to environmental factors. To keep your shoes looking like the first day, you need to clean them regularly.

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