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Avoiding Toenail Fungus

Posted By: Melis . In: Foot Health On: 3 Comment 1085 Hit
Avoiding Toenail FungusYes, when toenail fungus occurs, it is quite difficult to get rid of it. Foot fungus, which greatly affects our quality of life, is also contagious. Because fungi, as a different organism, tend to multiply and spread constantly. In...

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Upper Foot Pain Things to Know

Posted By: Melis . In: Foot Health On: 2 Comment 1327 Hit
Upper Foot Pain Things to KnowThe foot, which consists of tens of bones, joints, ligaments, muscles and tendons, has a complex anatomy. For this reason, upper foot pain can also lead to confusion in determining the exact cause. But don't worry, we will talk...

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Seven Great Exercises for Foot Health

Posted By: Melis . In: Foot Health On: 9 Comment 1266 Hit
Seven Great Exercises for Foot HealthA significant portion of people in the world face foot problems. These foot problems also directly affect the quality of life. If you want to take good care of your feet and protect foot health, you should practice the 7...

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Seven Benefits of Foot Massage

Posted By: Melis . In: Foot Health On: 3 Comment 947 Hit
Seven Benefits of Foot MassageThe human body needs massage. In line with this need, massage is usually performed on points such as shoulders and back. As a result of the massage, positive feedbacks such as healing and relaxation are experienced. But the...

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Why Do Feet Get Cold?

Posted By: Melis . In: Foot Health On: 3 Comment 1425 Hit
Why Do Feet Get Cold?In cold weather, we get cold outside. But cold feet are very different, our risk of getting sick increases when our feet get cold. In addition, cold feet cause weakness and fatigue. So, even if the weather is cold, why do our feet get...

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Remedies for Heat Cramps

Posted By: Melis . In: Foot Health On: 5 Comment 1111 Hit
Doing sports and routine exercises are very important for our health. But heat cramps that occur during sports or exercise make the situation annoying. For this reason, during sports, especially cramps in the feet affect sports negatively. We do not want...

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How to Prevent Heel Spurs

Posted By: Melis . In: Foot Health On: 3 Comment 1204 Hit
We talked about heel spurs in our previous blog post. We answered questions such as what it is, how it occurs and how it affects the foot. In this blog, we will talk about how to prevent and treat heel spurs. Because it both seriously concerns and affects...

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How Heel Spur Affects Feet

Posted By: Melis . In: Foot Health On: 6 Comment 1292 Hit
A heel spur is the formation of bone-like calcium deposits that form on the heel bone. Although it is not large enough to be seen with the naked eye, the pain is felt very much. The heel spur, which is easily seen on the x-ray, is 0.5 cm in length....

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