Causes of Swelling in Your Feet

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Although our feet change according to the seasons during the day, they are exposed to many situations. These include sweating, chilling, wetting, swelling, crushing, etc. Today, we will talk about a problem that we encounter more frequently in our feet. As seen in the title, this problem is swelling in the feet. Sometimes when we come home in the evening, sometimes during the day when the shoes start to squeeze our feet, we realize that our feet are swollen. Sometimes nothing happens. When we wake up in the morning, we wake up with swollen feet. Each has its own reasons and consequences, of course. While it is possible to prevent them, it is also possible to eliminate their negative consequences.
First of all, I want to take a look at when you should see a doctor. Because health is not something that can be determined with a talk or a blog post.
In which cases should you consult a doctor?
It is normal for your feet to swell most of the time. It is thought that there is no need for a doctor, but this situation may change in some swellings.
• Unbearable pain and swellings that you can't understand
• Redness and inflammation of the swollen area
• Your fever rises
• Sudden swelling of your feet while pregnant
• The swelling is accompanied by additional problems such as chest pain and shortness of breath.
In these cases, you still need to see a doctor, even if you don't have anything serious. We will talk about our simpler everyday problems.
Possible causes of foot swelling and precautions to be taken
It would be more explanatory to list them as a list. Let's jump right into the listing:
1. Edema: Edema, one of the biggest problems of our age, always puts us in trouble. Although it is called the presence of excess fluid in the body tissue, the root cause is consuming unhealthy foods and being exposed to unhealthy conditions. You often feel it when you wake up, causing swelling not only in the feet but also in the hands and face. The body always acts to eliminate edema as a system, so you can observe that it goes away on its own. But there are things you can do to avoid frequent exposure:
• Regulating water consumption
• Restrict consumption of sugar, salt and additives
• Breathing in and out through your nose
• Trying intermittent fasting (apply by consulting your dietitian)
2. Alcohol Consumption: As it is known, alcohol is an addictive substance. Consumption of alcohol products can cause foot swelling as the body retains more water. If you experience constant swelling of your feet after consuming alcohol, it may be affecting your liver, kidneys or heart. In these cases, what you will do is almost the same as above. You should try to cut down on alcohol, better yet quit.
3. Medication Side Effects: If you are using a medication, your feet may swell as a side effect of the medication. In this case, you need to consult a doctor with your prescription medicine and your complaint.
4. Hot Weather: In periods when the weather is very hot, foot swelling is among the common conditions. Let's talk about the measures you can take for this:
• Try to rest your feet in cold water whenever possible.
• Wash your feet with cold water when leaving the bathroom.
• Try to choose comfortable shoes
• Don't get dehydrated, drink water often
• Do not neglect to do simple exercises
• Rest for 10-15 minutes with your feet above your heart level.
There are many more things to talk about about foot swelling. But others are more serious and are seen as a side effect of an illness. For this reason, we talked about situations that do not require going to the doctor and can be prevented by taking precautions. Symptoms such as swelling in the feet can also be seen in diseases such as diabetes, liver diseases, heart failure. Of course, problems are observed not only in the feet, but also in other limbs. In such cases, you will probably already be aware of your disease and your doctor will apply the necessary procedures and medications. It is your duty not to act out of panic or fear and always take care of your health. Take care of your shoes and therefore your feet and their health


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