Doing These Hurts Your Feet!

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Beware, some actions that we consider ordinary may be hurting our feet. Having a foot problem is the last thing we all want. Because our feet carry all our weight all day long. When we have a problem with our feet, our whole life is directly affected. We must take good care of our feet in order to maintain our quality of life and be active enough throughout the day.
We have touched on foot health issues in previous blogs. In this blog, let's see if we are doing activities that will harm our feet without realizing it. If we do, let's know that we are hurting our feet and take the necessary precautions.
1. Missing out on exercise
Missing out on exercise seriously damages our feet. Avoid lifting excessive weights so you don't overdo the exercise. Also, if you're not used to it, don't suddenly go for a long run. The feet bear the weight of the body and the feet have a limit. Remember that when you're lifting weights standing up, you're not lifting weights with just the strength of your arms and lower back. Adhere to natural limits and choose to do your workouts only to be healthy.
2. Touching locker rooms and public areas with bare feet
Points such as pools and gyms have public locker rooms and public showers. You may be neglecting to wear socks in these areas. This is a big risk because this is how infectious foot diseases like fungus are transmitted. Try not to step barefoot in any public area, even if it is a bit of a challenge. Because dealing with diseases will be more annoying.
3. Eating unhealthy
Don't say it has something to do with the feet. Unhealthy foods, especially junk food, also affect the foot area where blood circulation is most intense. Harmful food additives, excessive sugar consumption and trans fats cause clogged arteries. This leads to foot pain and other foot diseases. In addition, diseases such as diabetes and heart diseases are diseases that directly affect the feet.
4. Wearing the wrong shoes
Wrong shoes, which is a dangerous situation for your feet, can also cause serious problems. For this, get rid of narrow shoes and loose shoes. In addition, the suitable type of shoes for each floor may be different, this should also be taken into account. It should come as no surprise that running in boots will hurt the feet
5. Not wearing socks
Dressing fashionably, thinking that it is comfortable or being uncomfortable with the heat; Whatever the reason, not wearing socks is an unhealthy move. Socks play the biggest role in keeping the feet clean and dry. feet; tends to sweat during the day in summer and winter. This sweat moisturizes your feet and prepares the ground for bacteria and fungi. But this situation changes when socks are worn. The socks absorb the sweat from the feet and keep your feet dry. In this way, you take a great precaution in terms of hygiene and protection from disease. Wearing shoes without socks can also cause foot injuries.
Each of the 5 items mentioned is something we can all possibly do. In this way, let's not get caught in foot disease caused by simple issues. In this blog, we have mentioned what we need to know to protect our feet as a warning. Stay healthy.


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Scegliere le scarpe sbagliate è molto dannoso per i piedi.
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Anche io indosso sempre i calzini.
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I choose my shoes according to fashion. Soft shoes are my preference.
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