Heel Pain and Foot Health

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We have said that we will often touch on issues related to foot health. In this topic, we will make a detailed examination about heel pain, which is an important point of foot health. How does heel pain affect foot health? What causes heel pain? What is heel pain? We will touch on all the details such as how to prevent it, one by one, by giving expert opinions. Of course, if you have any health problems, we do not write this issue to solve it. You should consult a doctor for all your health problems, whether related to your feet or not.
What is heel pain?
Of course, we do not doubt the importance of heel pain for foot health, but let's get to know heel pain first. Often the pain of the ankle problem is felt in the heel. In addition, there are some conditions that cause heel pain. These ailments are:
• Stress fractures
• Inflamed tendons
• Bursitis
• Plantar fasciitis
• Bone spurs
• Server disease
• Achilles or flexor tendinitis
If you have a long-standing heel pain that reduces your quality of life, you may be experiencing one of the above problems. For treatment, a correct diagnosis must be made. After your doctor's diagnosis, you should apply what is necessary for treatment.
Who are the risk groups for heel pain?
In many cases where you put too much pressure on your foot, you are likely to experience heel pain. Even the way you walk and your foot structure can be effective.
But you're much more likely to experience heel pain if:
• If you have obesity (if you are overweight)
• Foot, ankle arthritis (flat feet or high arch)
• Excessive exercise
• Spending a lot of time standing (especially on concrete floors)
• Shoes without arch support or arch pads
If there are such situations, trying to eliminate them as soon as possible will also positively affect your general health.
What are the symptoms of heel pain?
There are some symptoms caused by heel pain. Let's take a look at these symptoms as well:
• Swelling in and around the heel
• Heel tenderness
• Sudden pain when standing up after resting
• Hardness
• Bruising or bone growth
If you have one or more of these symptoms, it will be useful to consult your doctor. Diagnosis is made clearly with examinations performed in the hospital environment. This simplifies the treatment process. For example, if there is a situation that needs to be seen with x-ray, the diagnosis you make according to your own opinion will be completely misleading.
Is Heel Pain Treatable? How is it treated?
Heel pain is not a serious problem most of the time. Cases where a surgical operation is required are also very rare. Often, when the process is managed correctly, it tends to go away on its own. In addition, let's talk about possible treatment methods that can be applied:
• Taping: As the simplest method, the taping method using medical tape to support the arch or heel of the foot can be mentioned.
• Stretching exercises: Your doctor may recommend stretching exercises for your tendons and muscles. This also has a relaxing and therapeutic effect.
• Painkillers: Supporting painkillers may also be considered when the pain becomes bothersome.
• Physical therapy: Physical therapy applications such as massage and ultrasound therapy are also extremely effective in reducing pain and inflammation.
• Orthoses: Orthoses aim to relieve your heel by reducing the pressure on the heel. Your doctor may also recommend that you use an orthosis.
• Injections: If there is an inflammatory pain, treatment with injections is rarely used. If such treatment is necessary, you must overcome your fear of injections.
So is there any way to prevent heel pain?
Of course there is. If you take your measures before the pain, you will not need the above information


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