How Does the Sock Trace Pass?

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How Does the Sock Trace Pass?
In myalpins blog posts, this week we will try to answer the question of how to pass a sock scar. Our blog content on the relationship of feet with shoes and general foot health has become quite rich. We will continue to support you with our blog category on other issues that concern us.
We have emphasized the importance of socks in our previous articles. We explained that socks must be worn in terms of health and that wearing shoes without socks can be harmful. But it is a fact that socks create scars on the ankles. In fact, the situation can become more serious in very tight socks. A condition called sock scar hyperpigmentation may occur. Although it is less common in adults, this situation, which we will witness in our lives, is more common in infants. If sock scars cause this hyperpigmentation, redness, raised lesions and rings are seen in the area of ​​the scar. In some cases, this scar remains as a permanent scar.
Turning a simple sock scar into a permanent problem is something we would never want. For this reason, we will try to explain the causes, precautions and treatment of sock scar hyperpigmentation.
Why do sock scar and sock scar hyperpigmentation occur?
This is because a sock with an elastic band wraps the ankle tightly for a long time. In this case, a scar occurs first, and the area becomes narrower over time. The narrowing of the area slows down the blood circulation and causes damage to the area. It also eases the cold feet.
Especially in infants, if this situation is not followed up, it leads to serious problems, up to subcutaneous inflammation.
How to prevent sock scar and sock scar hyperpigmentation?
It's actually very simple. You should make sure that your socks or your baby's socks are not tight. In addition, you should not leave the socks on your feet for too long, day and night. It is very important to sleep without socks, especially at night, to ensure that the ankle rests. It will be useful to take care that the socks are not tight and to support the ankle from time to time with creams and oils.
Sock scar hyperpigmentation treatment
Although there is no serious harm, this leave treatment is curious. Unfortunately, the scar that occurs after hyperpigmentation occurs is permanent. With various applications and the right sock choices, you can prevent it from progressing and make the trace more obscure. There is nothing that can be done to make the trace disappear completely though.
As we emphasize in each of our content, health is a great treasure. Before we lose it, we should know its value. We must take care of ourselves in everything that affects our health. Sock print is also an important issue among the things we will pay attention to.
In this week's first Myalpins blog post, we talked about sock scars and the danger of hyperpigmentation that you may not know about. We hope that it was useful in raising awareness and not causing grievances. For more content, you can follow us and our social media accounts.


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