How Heel Spur Affects Feet

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A heel spur is the formation of bone-like calcium deposits that form on the heel bone. Although it is not large enough to be seen with the naked eye, the pain is felt very much. The heel spur, which is easily seen on the x-ray, is 0.5 cm in length. Initially, the heel spur concerns only the heel part of the feet, but over time it causes pain in the entire foot. Of course, not every heel pain is associated with a heel spur. In addition, painless heel spurs are also seen.
What Causes Heel Spurs?
There are some reasons that cause the formation of heel spurs on the feet. Repeating these causes causes heel spurs, which negatively affect the feet.
• Overweight and obesity
• Wrong choice of shoes or wrongly worn shoes
• Running or hard walking on hard surfaces
• Gait disorders that put stress on the foot, heel bone or ligaments.
Health is a whole. Therefore, overweight and obesity increase the pressure on the foot and cause some problems, especially heel spurs. You must protect your health as a whole.
Wrong shoes cause your feet to be uncomfortable and to face some discomforts all day long.
Running or walking on hard surfaces in a way that makes the foot tired is also one of the behaviors that damage the foot.
Gait disorders cause stress on the tissues in the foot area, as they disrupt the natural structure of the foot. The result of this stress is pain.
What Are the Symptoms of Heel Spurs?
Heel spurs, which do not appear clearly as a symptom, may cause intermittent or chronic pain. It is very difficult to understand whether this pain is a heel spur or not. If inflammation has occurred due to the heel spur in the area where it occurs, it manifests itself with severe pain. The symptoms of heel spur on the foot that need to be intervened are as follows:
• Extra sensitivity when stepping on the ground with bare feet
• Feeling of a bulge under the heel
• Increase in the temperature of the relevant area
• Inflammation and swelling in the heel
How to Identify Heel Spurs?
As mentioned above, heel spurs are not easy to understand. So the easiest way to understand is to see a doctor. If the doctor suspects a heel spur, he will take an X-ray. If a heel spur, which can be easily seen on X-ray, is diagnosed, a certain treatment path is followed according to the progression.
Heel spurs, like other foot ailments, are diseases that negatively affect the quality of life. Considering that we move with the help of our feet all day long, it seems inevitable that the pain that occurs will cause serious problems. Therefore, you should pay special attention to both your general health and your foot health. You should be checking for all sorts of health benefits, such as nutrition, adequate rest, sleep.
Heel Spur Treatment
As with many diseases, there is of course treatment for heel spurs. Your doctor will determine the treatment path according to the condition of the thorn and will ask you to comply with them. You can get rid of this problem when you take the necessary precautions and respond to the treatment.
But instead of getting rid of the problem, it is much better to prevent it if it has not happened to you. In the other blog post, let's talk about how to prevent heel spurs and how to treat them in detail.


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