How to Prevent Heel Spurs

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We talked about heel spurs in our previous blog post. We answered questions such as what it is, how it occurs and how it affects the foot. In this blog, we will talk about how to prevent and treat heel spurs. Because it both seriously concerns and affects the feet and has a great impact on the use of shoes.
How to Cross Heel Spurs
There are some home remedies to relieve heel spur pain. The first thing to do is to lie on a comfortable surface and rest the foot by putting ice on the heel. You can perform the procedure with ice packs. Afterwards, if there is a pain reliever cream recommended by the doctor, a light massage should be applied. In this case, the heel spur will be greatly relieved and will also help you walk.
In addition, according to the advice of the orthopedist, you can relieve your pain with a suitable insoles for your feet. Insoles designed according to the shape of the foot support the foot and protect the foot from injury and damage.
Heel Spur Treatment
Heel spur treatment, which can be treated with various methods, is a risk-free treatment. Treatments to be determined by the orthopedic specialist; laser therapy, ice therapy and surgery. Since surgical intervention is the last option, it is less preferred. In addition, heel spurs that do not require any treatment method are also seen. In this case, your specialist will aim to correct the situation with some exercise and lifestyle changes before the heel spur grows. In this case, what you need to do is to listen to your doctor very carefully. It will be beneficial as long as you follow the doctor's recommendations correctly.
How to Prevent Heel Spurs
What you need to do to prevent heel spurs are ordinary procedures that should be done for foot health. You can apply what has been done to prevent heel spurs, not only when you do not have heel spurs, but also when heel spurs start.
• The first thing you need to do is to choose the right shoes.
• Wearing shoes that fit your feet well and using shoes with solid soles.
• Make sure you are the correct weight. Obesity and overweight can also cause heel spurs.
• Take good care of your feet. Wash your feet, which have been in the shoes for a long time, with cold water. Massage with massage oils from time to time.
Heel Spur Exercises
Finally, exercise in heel spurs is also extremely important. It will be beneficial to strengthen the joints and muscles in the heel so that it does not recur, especially after treatment. There are home exercises that can be done to stretch the calf muscles and plantar fascia. Such as pulling, stretching, squatting, moving the heel up and down and left and right. Integrating these exercises into your life will positively affect both your general health and your foot health.
Remember, our feet are the limbs that take us where we want to go. They deserve to dress them the best, to give them the best care.


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Uso le scarpe che ho comprato da te da 5 mesi. Sono molto soddisfatto.
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Arieggio le mie scarpe di tanto in tanto.
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I air out my shoes from time to time. Shoe selection is very important. You should not wear the same shoes for a long time.
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