Remedies for Heat Cramps

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Doing sports and routine exercises are very important for our health. But heat cramps that occur during sports or exercise make the situation annoying. For this reason, during sports, especially cramps in the feet affect sports negatively. We do not want this to happen because sports and routine exercises are one of our most important conditions for being healthy. Let's take a look at solutions for heat cramps, especially in the feet.
How Does Heat Cramp Occur?
You put on the sneakers you bought on Myalpins and started an intense physical activity. Your motivation is in place and everything is going great. But if you suddenly get a heat cramp in your foot or leg, all motivation is lost. So how does this happen? Let's see together:
Heat cramps that occur during physical activity mostly occur in the feet and legs. Heat cramps can occur when the temperature of the environment and the increase in body temperature due to physical activity come together. In this respect, heat cramps can cause you to give up right in the middle of exercise. Heat cramps are briefly described as:
• Prolonged exercise or intense exercise
• Severe muscle pain, mostly in the feet or legs
• A moist and reddened skin
Heat cramps that occur in this way last up to 40 minutes. It can occur during physical activity as well as after it. Also, the heat cramp can recur. In some cases, if not taken seriously, it can also lead to heat stroke.
How to Prevent Heat Cramps?
To protect your health, you should do regular sports and exercise practices. It's not a good idea to give up these physical activities because of the risk of heat cramps. So let's look at what we need to do to prevent it.
• The first thing to do is not to forget the water. Not being dehydrated means that the body is functioning properly. Water is also important in heat cramps. When there is enough water in the body, the body temperature is balanced and remains healthier in the face of intense physical activity.
• Do not consume some drinks before starting physical activity, during and for a while after physical activity. Consumption of coffee and other caffeinated beverages and alcohol increases the risk of heat cramps along with dehydration.
• Get used to the heat. Sweating is a natural and healthy option. So don't try to avoid constant heat. The body, accustomed to heat, is better protected against heat cramps.
• Take care to choose the clothes you use for physical activity correctly. Try to wear loose and comfortable clothes. Unfortunately, some, on the contrary, prefer clothing that clings to the body and tightens the body. The permeability of the clothes will also provide an extra advantage.
How to Treat Heat Cramps
If you neglected the precautions, there is also something you can do when heat cramps happen to you. The first thing you should do is move to a cool environment and rest. Give your body time. Consume rich mineral waters while resting. If you want something to eat, then a banana or avocado would be a good option. The best you can physically do is lie down on the floor and raise your legs in the air. Finally, gentle stretching movements and gentle massages with a natural massage gel will treat heat cramps.
Don't wait for a heat cramp to make your to-do list. Being healthy requires proper nutrition as well as using the body correctly.
If heat cramps become serious, you should consult a specialist. Your feet and legs not only make up a large part of the body, but also undertake very important tasks. Therefore, you should take very good care of your feet and legs.
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