Seven Effects of Stress on the Foot

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The Seven Effects of Stress
Stress is the most common situation, especially in today's world. Crowded cities, traffic, workload and other factors push people to stress. Unfortunately, those who do not learn to cope with stress feel the negative effects of stress seriously. At this point, feet are a marker for us. Because stress has certain effects on the feet, so if your stress increases, your feet will warn you. You can take a good step towards protecting your health by taking the stress stimuli from your feet seriously.
First of all, include healthy eating and exercise in your life. Afterwards, consult your doctor to regulate your sleep hours and hormones. When you do these, you will feel that the stress is greatly reduced. In addition, according to some studies, beliefs have a great effect on reducing stress. Of course, you can also practice relaxing techniques such as yoga.
But now let's look at 7 stress effects to be observed on our feet together:
7 reactions of the body through the foot in case of extreme stress
1. Dry Skin: Stress reduces people's water drinking and increases the need for tea and coffee, which will increase their need for water. In this case, you may feel that the skin, especially the feet, is dry due to the lack of moisture in the body. Although heel cracks do not occur for this reason, dry skin can cause heel cracks.
2. Acne: Another condition caused by stress is acne. Psoriasis can also occur along with acne. This situation is usually related to metabolism, and metabolism is negatively affected in times of stress.
3. Foot sweating: Sweating of the feet is not always a situation. Often, feet sweat in times of stress and anxiety. Sweaty feet facilitate the emergence of many foot diseases.
4. Redness and swelling: Stress causes the feet to become red and even swollen. These effects are caused by the wrong lifestyle. Even if you do not feel stressed, for example, being too inactive causes the body to be stressed.
5. Cold Feet: It may sound strange, but stress can also cause cold feet. During stress, the blood in the body approaches the periphery of the heart and lungs. In this case, the blood circulation in the feet and hands, which are the end points of the body, weakens. Weakened blood circulation causes chills.
6. Numbness and tingling: Stress, anxiety and increased adrenaline affect the feet negatively. In this case, numbness, pins and needles sensation and tingling are observed in the feet. When it happens to you, you should move your feet and massage slowly.
7. Nail lines: Deep lines on the nails, called Beau's lines, are also caused by stress. Although it usually passes over time, it is useful to see a doctor when it is seen for a long time.
It is very difficult to be stress-free in this age, but you can learn to manage your stress. At the very least, hobbies, worship and prayer, exercise and yoga can all be good options. Do whatever you think works best for you. Stay away from stress so that your feet will be comfortable. If you feel uncomfortable with your feet during stressful periods, you can choose Myalpins' comfortable sneakers at that time. At least you will protect your feet from external factors.
Take care of yourself and your feet, see you next week in other blog content.

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