Stan Smith's Amazing Comeback

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Adidas Stan Smith is a unique shoe that Adidas interpreted for the famous tennis player Stan Smith. Today,

Stan Smith's Amazing Comeback


Adidas Stan Smith is a unique shoe that Adidas interpreted for the famous tennis player Stan Smith. Today, it is not used as a tennis shoe, but this special shoe, which was produced in 1971 under his own name for Stan Smith, who was crazy on the courts between 1960 and 1980, has turned into a trend over the years.

I seem to hear that you are saying “ Whatever is not trend that Adidas does! “. Continuing with white leather on a slightly higher sole than normal, a special drawing face picture of Stan Bey on the flap, the famous classic logo and Stan Smith writing on the tendon line, Adidas' light horizontal 3 lines are symbolized by obscure holes and seams on the inside right and inside left. Stan Smith, which has remained faithful to this minimal design and diversified with different versions over the years, stands out with its brand value in the tire shoe classification. It has a follower type of the ones who will clam those up that say “ Well, so... Its just a shoe.”

When it was produced as tennis shoes in 1967, once Stan Smith was not yet Stan Smith, the name of this successful brother was suggested for promotion in 1971 and took the 1st place in the product market with its foam green color. In 1973, Smith's sports shoes sponsorship agreement with Adidas placed 13th in the 50 most influential Sports Shoes Sponsorship agreements in history. Adidas didn't decide to write any athlete's name on it until 1978, but then they worked on the brand on the tongue and tendon. Thus, the shoe took its current form.

When we came to 1988, 22 million units, 22 million units, you heard right, were listed as sold and entered the Guinness Book of Records, where records such as pulling a truck with the mouth and swallowing 98 insects. In 1994, the sales figure approaching 23.7 million; This made it a real legend.

In 2008, another batch called "80's" was put up for sale, and the sales figure since 1971 has reached 30 million. According to the information given in a radio show by the famous tennis manager Donald Dell, who took the name of the shoe to Stan Smith so that "here's the name"; It was learned that from 1971 to 2009, the income of the shoes reached exactly 65 million dollars. He also underlined that they sell the widest range of tennis shoes with 8 different versions.

Adidas Stan Smith, which has a zillion special orders around the world, produced very special series and limited editions (the most well-known ones are Star Wars, Jeremy Scott, 80's), decided to stop its production in 2011 and went into seclusion. During this time, of course, it continued to be available in various online stores. Also you can see the rest of the 45 shoe sizes. In fact, when you enter ebay, you run into those who sell their old Stans by auction, or there are those who are looking for new ones in the adverts.

A back-production speculation for 2014 has surfaced. On May 31, 2013, Adidas said, “We are officially back in 2014 with Stan Smith!” said. In late February early March of this year, Adidas Stan Smith took its place on the shelves with the Consortium series produced in both classical and alternative textures. You may see 4 of them above. In addition to the shoes, the lacoste style t-shirts, the classic foam green sweatpants and tops, the navy blue and red models besides the green, the shoes of the series were sold out from the first month. Brand value, market share, craze for acquiring, fast consumption like hamburgers, convenience, etc. When you put all these side by side, you can see that this consumption is actually the normal equivalent. For Stan Smith, who has won the hearts of oldschool lovers in his wardrobe, you can follow up and request from the stores that sell online sneakers in Europe and Asia. When I corresponded with a few of them, I learned that common numbers will be on sale at certain intervals throughout the year. However, it seems that the collectors of the brand will never let go of this special series this year.


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Scarpe in ottime condizioni,
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Belle scarpe, ottime qualità lavorate.
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Interesting, thanks for sharing.
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Good luck players and thanks for sharing.
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Okay, first of all, mate, thanks for sharing your unique perspective on things.
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