The Secret of Longevity: Walking!

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The Secret of Longevity: Walking!
Yes, research shows walking as the secret of longevity. Compared to other sports activities, walking seems like a simple activity. But studies show that this is not the case at all.
Studies have shown that the risk of premature death in people who walk an average of two and a half hours each week is significantly reduced. So how does walking achieve this?
Walking is one of the body's most natural activities. When people start walking, their heartbeat and blood circulation are directly affected. This positive effect brings vitality to the person. At the same time, walking is an easy way to burn calories and helps the digestive system work more healthily. So much so that a diet program that does not involve walking often does not result in success.
As it is known, sleep pattern is very important for general health. People with poor sleep patterns have a higher risk of getting sick and have a lower immune system. Since these people have difficulty in sleeping, they are also stressed. Walking is one of the best solutions for this problem. Because it is easier for people who walk regularly to fall asleep, and sleep efficiency increases at a high rate.
Regular Walking Every Day
As mentioned above, taking a regular walk every day is extremely beneficial for overall health. In addition to its psychological benefits such as fitness and self-confidence, experts report that walking is the most effective way to prevent cardiovascular diseases.
Pedometer apps are now available on every smartphone and smart watch. With such an application, you can follow the number of daily steps you will set for yourself and walk every day to reach the determined goal. The ideal daily step is 4000-5000 steps. But every day you don't go below 1000 steps will be a good day.
The Most Important Equipment of a Good Walk: Sports Shoes
Everything is great, we now know very well that walking will add benefits to our health. Now it's time for sneakers, which are the most important equipment for walking. Because a good walk is possible with good sports shoes. If you have a safe area where you can walk without shoes and socks, of course, it is also a good option. But very few people can reach such an area. Therefore, a good sneaker will optimize the walking experience.
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