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The site is easy to navigate..Nike jordan is the best because very light weight. Read More    -Ashley Byrd,

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Will order again. Read More    - Catherine Smith,

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Bought 2 pairs of shoes at much reduced prices,service was excellent Read More    - Angelica Hutchinson,

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I read the poor reviews and was very nervous to order from this company. Moving forward, I purchased the shoes and received them 17 days later! The shoes were exactly what I wanted and had no issues with the packages and quality. I am a real user and don’t let these reviews scare you. I am overall very pleased with my experience and will order from them again! Read More    - Amy Wang,

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Myalpins is an excellent way to shop for shoes without leaving my house. The variety of shoes is varied and offers a lot of options. I also like the price of the shoes as well as the quality. Read More    - Monica Wright,

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reliable online retail shoe shop you can trust. For many years people have said well about them. They are wonderful in fast delivery and customer care. Enjoy their offer and be happy. Read More    - Joseph Reed,

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I ordered a couple pairs of shoes The selection is large and varied with every different type, style and brand of shoes you could want. The prices are very reasonable with good customer service and fast shipping. I highly recommend. Read More    - Dustin Ross,

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Excellent quality nike air jordan..I purchased two pairs of shoe, both were $65.00 each. Every style you can imagine is on offer. Prices unbeatable.. Read More    - Joseph Martin,

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Has some really great deals at great prices! Vast selection on name brand shoes and awesome discounts. Read More    -Roy Bennett,

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I've ordered from this company numerous times with no issue... Good prices and selection of shoes. Much better than having to go to the store, find a parking spot, put on your face mask and risk exposure to Covid-19. Read More    -Kayla Perez,

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They cover my main wants with/ variety, colors, price, easy checkout, and the return policy. Coupons, sales, & clearance will make me buy too. Read More    -Jennifer Smith,

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" I was concerned after reading the negative score here, but I had already ordered. I began to feel better after reading the substance of the complaints - there really wasn't much there. I ordered a pair of Adidas Gazelle on 28 Jun. My experience was positive, the shoes are authentic... fully legit." Laura Morris Read More    - Laura Morris,

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